Buying A Funeral Home Computer System Is Much Like Selecting a Funeral!

Amazingly there are many similarities between the two ... Think about a few of them for a moment.

(1) The Funeral is MORE than the casket. People can buy a casket at a "Casket Store", but what your full service funeral home offers is much more than just the receptacle in which the body is to be placed for burial. It involves traditions, rituals, liturgies, customs, legalities, and a host of other things which you, the professional funeral director, are trained and experienced in helping the families you serve.

(2) The Funeral is MORE than just disposing of the body.

(3) The Funeral is IMPORTANT to the overall welfare of the family dealing with loss and grief when someone dies.

(4) Legally families could handle all of the funeral arrangements themselves, but professional funeral directors like you and your staff make it easier for them, by being specialists in solving the problems involved with the final affairs, filing necessary legal documents, and advising and directing any public rites they may choose.

In much the same way, you as a funeral director could handle all of the arrangements in getting a computer system for your firm without the aid of a computer consultant. If you would just take a little time and...

I think you get the drift of where this is all going. YES you can buy a single piece of computer equipment at a good price some times, but just like the casket is not the funeral, so the computer alone is not the complete satisfactorily functioning computer system that you and your firm wants and needs.

Just as the family has much greater peace of mind by turning to and trusting a professional funeral director in their time of need, SO you should turn to a professional computer consultant when choosing a system for your funeral home. Funeral Industry Consultants, Inc. offers you just such a unique combination of skills and experiences. Jack Hagin, President, is a licensed Florida Funeral Director, as well as a seasoned, experienced, educated, up-to-date computer programmer. His goal is to assist you through the very difficult time of selecting a computer system for your firm just like you assist families through their difficult times.

If you take the time to call Jack Hagin you will find it is time well spent. Should you decide to buy from Funeral Industry Consultants, Inc., you will find that not only did you get a very good value for your money, but you will have his complete assistance before, during, and after the sale and installation. He's a phone call away at (800) 852-2372 or from this Internet Website E-mail us Now!

So why wait any longer call today and ask Jack or one of his associates to come visit you and help you begin the process of automating your funeral home operation with computers. You won't be sorry you did!

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