10 good reasons why you need a computer system ...And you should buy it from us.

  1. Our Funeral Home Manager program is the easiest, most user-friendly, flexible and powerful funeral home system available.
  2. We give you a custom program designed to meet your needs for about what you would pay for a "canned" one to which you must conform your operation.
  3. Our program is written by a licensed funeral director who understands the special needs of funeral service as well as the technical workings of computers.
  4. Prices have never been better! Computer equipment values are better than ever before!
  5. The turn-key installation we offer allows you to have one source and one toll-free number to call for everything from equipment and software to support and supplies.
  6. With the increase in Cremation and generally lower profit margins in our industry, the need to economize and make your operation as cost efficient as possible has never been greater. Our Funeral Home Manager Computer System will help you do it.
  7. Your staff will be able to prepare the paperwork for a case in about 1/2 to 1/4 of the time taken by manual preparation methods. Our "Type only once if at all possible" philosophy is a real time saver.
  8. The time spent doing everyday forms and paperwork is transformed into valuable statistics which can greatly aid you in making important management decisions.
  9. Our easy to use, plain English menus make learning and using our funeral home system a breeze. We have people using our systems who had never touched a computer before. Best of all, like the rest of our system, the menus are custom designed to use the terminology you use in your office.
  10. Our modular design, along with the built-in flexibility of the database used to create our programs make your system practically "obsolete proof". If you want or need to make a change in the program later, it can be done very easily and all of your past computer files can be updated to reflect the change as well.

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